3D Revolution- As to why the world isn't ready for 3D Television

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With box-office hits such as for example Avatar and Alice in Wonderland putting 3D amusement on the map, it's no wonder tv manufacturers were quick to hop on the bandwagon. Several companies like LG, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and Panasonic, have all introduced their own versions of the 3D tv, and TV systems, such as ESPN, have announced fully 3D channels already. However, all this excitement furthermore brings concern. Maybe there is consumer demand? Will it be affordable finically? May be the global world ready for 3D television? I don't think therefore, and here's why.

Why fix what's not broken

Though 3D television seems like the way of the future even, it begs the query still; when did regular TV become boring and broken? To solution the rhetorical query, it hasn't, and most likely never will. As long as talented writers continue steadily to make interesting content material, people shall keep watching. Why "cheapen" the experience with another gimmick. We won't need to fix what's not broken.

Other markets remain playing catch-up

While there is no lack in 3D television sets, there exists a shortage of available content material to be used with those units. While tv manufacturers have surged forward in the 3D market, movie TV and companies networks have already been left inside the dust. There just isn't that much articles out there to fuel televisions product sales. Without quality content, the market can't sustain itself.

Expensive Technology

To place things simply, technology is expensive. The new 3D TV's are no exception. With a cost range visible above high-end LCD TV's, it's tough to see the common middle-class consumer buying in to it. Once the technology behind the merchandise is merely so new especially. Argue with me all you want, 3D technology has JUST begun to be pursued. And while it has been around for a long time, it provides begun to end up being implemented inside the tech marketplace just. Only period shall tell if consumers will buy in.

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